Our firm is mainly organized in four productive departments: MECHANICS CARPENTRY EQUIPMENT PAINTING The MECHANICS department is provided as well as of experienced workers also of Machining center and C.N.C. Lathes.

The CARPENTRY department is provided of highly skilled welders for thread welding, manual or robot technology. Another point of strenght is represented by the production of sgapes directly obtained from plates cut. We use three different cut technologies to satisfy every construction requirements:


The EQUIPMENT department, with a thirty years experience, can plan and build every equipments necessary for the development of the requested finisched part.
In order to supply a product more and more well-finished and capable to satisfy customers requirements, our firm dispose of a plant of LIQUID PAINTING PLANT.
In this area :
In this area :
The METROLOGICAL ROOM is equipped to carry out the products quality check system, in thermo-cheked ambient, through the use of check instruments like three-dimensional tester, hardness testers, surface roughness testers, ultrasound and other supporting equipments constantly tared in authorized and ufficial centers (S.I.T.).